1. The Brief

Before our visit, think about which features you would like in your garden, in order to best suit your lifestyle. Do you …

• Entertain a lot?
• Hate or love your gardening?
• Need space for children to play?
• Need easy access for elderly parents?
• Need to screen out or enhance a view?

Compile a list and discuss this with our Project Manager or Landscape Designer when they come to visit.

2. Your Options
We can provide you with several levels of service, depending on your goals, budget and complexity of the project. Options include –

Consultation – Have our Landscape Designer meet with you and discuss ideas for your garden. This service is charged at an hourly rate.

Landscape Plan – Our Landscape Designer will prepare a landscape plan for you to implement. (Design fees only, no construction).

Design and construct – Includes custom designed plan by our Landscape Designer and construction of your garden.

Earthmoving – Our Bobcat and Landscape Operator will clear your site, bring in topsoil, and prepare your garden beds ready for you to plant. (No design/plan provided).

3. Concept Plan
If you decide to go ahead with a plan, our Landscape Designer will combine your ideas with your site and your budget, to prepare a preliminary concept plan. We will then meet with you and discuss this plan.

4. Landscape Plan
Having gained your feedback, we will ‘fine-tune’ the concept design and prepare a final landscape plan, including specifications. (This is an important way to secure loan approval as a capital investment in your property).

5. Proposal
Confirmation in writing of all aspects of your proposed works, including –

• Design layout
• Construction details
• Materials – including plant species, paving finishes, water features etc.
• Construction process
• Cost

6. Contract
Both parties sign a contract that details all that has been agreed. A deposit of 5% may be required at this stage.

7. Timing
Discussion of time frame and possible inconveniences that may occur during construction.

8. Construction
Our fully qualified landscapers will expertly construct your garden to plan.

9. Maintenance
Once your garden is complete, maintenance is required to guarantee the initial development and ongoing growth or your asset. We can provide you with a maintenance schedule for you to undertake your own garden maintenance, or ask us for a fixed maintenance price.

10. Our Results are Fully Guaranteed
• Public Liability $10,000,000
• Work Cover Certified
• Superannuation
• TasBuild
• Member of Landscape Industry Association of Tasmania (LIAT)