The Brief

The garden is an extension of your house, and in many cases, it seamlessly merges inside and out. It reflects the architecture and materials of its construction, the surrounding environment, repeating shapes that flow and interconnect. The garden should reflect your aspirations, your personal sense of style and the ambience you wish to create.

Commissioning a design starts with a site visit. This provides us with an opportunity to meet with you and discuss options unique to your garden. It is a two-way interaction of ideas. The role of the designer is to explain why plans may or may not work, and how these can be refined to produce a landscape that will provide lasting enjoyment.

At this visit, we will indicate a cost for final plans, based on the size and complexity of the site. If you decide to go ahead with plans, both parties sign a contract at this visit.

The Plans

After photographing and measuring your site, we return to our studio and put ideas on paper. It is at our next visit that we present a ‘pencil plan’ to you. Any alterations are made at this stage with your input and approval, before the plan is completed in ink.

The Conceptual plan that is produced encompasses the layout, materials to be used, structures and features, plant species, and position of lighting. This plan provides enough detail for contractors to price from. You will be provided with 2 copies of the plan in black and white. A colour rendered plan can be produced at a further cost.

Construction detail drawings are only provided for non-standard or unusual features. These will be costed separately to the Conceptual plan.6