Re-vegetation works at Land Solutions include erosion control, hydromulching, weed control and tree planting. We also have our own nursery.


As a company, Land Solutions Tasmania Pty Ltd, we manage our own wholesale nursery. We specialize in growing wetland species, native grasses, tussock grasses etc. Land Solutions also grows plants for councils and special orders as well as growing stock for our landscape and maintenance divisions, including advanced stock. We can also grow specific plants for maintenance contract work.

Erosion Control

Land Solutions specialize in the installation and supply of quality erosion control products statewide, that are environmentally responsible and where possible made from recycled material in Australia.


Hydromulching and hydroseeding …Fast grass!

What is it? And how can we use it?

Whether you need a cheap and easy alternative to instant turf, or erosion control on building sites, slopes and soil stockpiles, hydromulch is the answer.

From highways to golf courses, domestic and commercial projects, hydromulching is a cost effective way of establishing vegetation.

Hydromulching and hydroseeding is better known as Spray on Lawn – Fast Grass!

Land Solutions have a range of re-vegetation techniques including Hydromulching, hydroseeding, conventional seeding, dust suppression, and supply and placement of organic fiber mats.

Here’s how it works…

Hydromulching is used for erosion control, re-vegetation or to create a fast grass surface. It is a process where a mixture of seed, fertilizer, mulch and binding agent are thoroughly mixed with water before being sprayed onto the site to be re-vegetated.

The re-vegetation mix can be an exotic grass mix or a native seed mix which is sprayed onto the area to be re-vegetated. The erosion control system includes a deep rooted sterile rye seed which binds the soil and prevents weeds growing too quickly. It is ideal for re-vegetating steep banks such as road cuttings, and the awkward slopes of creeks and drains.

Organic fiber mats are used on steeper slopes and in drains where additional protection is required against storm damage or where maximum slope protection is required.

Spray on grass is ideal where sports grounds and lawns of all shapes and sizes need tidying up straight away.

Minimum charge out fee is $650.00
Spray-on charges varies between $2.50 - $0.50/m2

To find out more about Fast Grass, call Paul at Land Solutions.
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Weed Control

Our weed control includes a large scale weed control of blackberries, gorse etc, including stem and frill injection of Willow – weed management programs.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is an important part of any re-vegetation and re-habilitation project. It is the most widely used technique for a wide range of environments, including mine sites, subdivisions and creek restorations.

Successful tree planting requires careful selection of the species to be planted in the area under consideration. All tree planting projects benefit from some form of maintenance watering. Land Solutions recommends follow up maintenance checks to ensure that plants are thriving and are not affected by competing grasses or lack of water.

Tree planting provides immediate vegetation cover and allows for the establishment of species that are difficult to germinate through direct seeding techniques.